FAQ's - I need some HELP

What is Blackboard Collaborate and How do I get in?
#DigiFoot12 Video
Click HERE to get into the Blackboard Room
Follow the directions to get into the room.

I have a question......Who do I ask?

If you need an answer to a question......Start a new duscussion in the bottom of the student 2.0 - DigiFoot12 Group Page

If you feel uncomfortable about writing in an open space, send Verena an e-mail and she can help, or connect you with someone who can.

How much work do I have to do?

This course will have weekly Balckboard Collaborate Sessions that will be recorded. You are encouarged to listen to the weekly session (the "Lead Detective" will explain the case for 15-20 minutes, then there may be questions). Please meet in the Collaborate Room (Links Found at the top of each week's page) OR watch the session at your convenience. The Lead Detective will create some "activities" for you to work on throughout the week. You will complete whatever you can based on your ability and time.

At the end of the week - please mark off if you have completed your activities on the "BADGE tracking" page. The course completion and badge will be based on your personal assessment if YOU think that you have completed the activities each week..

I am overwhelmed - Where to Start?
Everyone is overwhelemd at some point. Take a deep breath! You need to pat yourself on the back for being here in the first place! This is a great resource to help you with the new learning strategies we are using:

Now - I would start thinking, "It's all about me". Work on creating your own PLN and learning about tools at your own pace. You don't have to finish this course in 6 weeks. Take things one step at a time. We're happy that you are here!

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