Please use a Detective Nickname for this course, especially if you are under 18. The objective is the course is to learn how to track "a" digital footrpint. Once you have learned these skills, you can start to create your own "digital footprint" outside of this course.

This course is focused on social media and how to track digital footprints. As such, you are encouraged to participate by offering your blog website url, twitter links and other tools of tracking so we can all learn from each other. You are encouraged to create "anonymous" blogs, webiste urls, twitter accounts and other tools for the duration of this course.

While I (Verena Roberts) will not be using your IP to track you in any way, please always be aware that others might be. The only tracking tools that we will use are Hashtracking - for twitter tweets only, and we will create a page with a collection of anyone's blogs or home bases within this wiki.

This site contains links to other sites. The #DigiFoot12 Course is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

Please note that your contributions to the course on the website - links to feeds, posts, comments, and other content - will be stored on and will be publicly available for viewing by other participants, researchers, and the general public. Additionally, content related to the course you may have posted publicly on some other website will be publicly available to participants, researchers, and the general public, and links and references to that material may be posted on this site.

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When you register with Student 2.0 your e-mail will be collected into the network and you may receive some e-mails about future events with Student 2.0.

You can register with a nickname.

If you need to speak to someone directly about privacy concerns, please e-mail: Verena Roberts