Tracking the #DigiFoot12 Hashtag


Please use #DigiFoot12 in your links and tweets about the course.

You can use twitter to write about what you are doing and it will all be collected in one ginat tracking tool called: Hastracking

Anytime you want to tell the group about something or link something to a tweet so we can ALL see it, please add #DigiFoot12 to your tweet.

To see the results of the tweets, please check out:

Hashtag Tweet Tracking

David Truss NetVibe #DigiFoot12 Tracking (EVERYTHING)

EXCELLENT Twitter DigiFoot12 Group - Join Here
Thank you Sue Wyatt

Please add your name to the Official List of all #DigiFoot12 Twitter Users!/Chegoyo/digitfoot12/members
Thanks to Jose

Blog Tracking:
Blog Sign Up List.....

#DigiFoot12 Blog Tracking Official NetVibe List

Daily Emails
For those of you who do ont receive the Daily E-mails through Student 2.0, here is he google.doc for all the daily e-mails....
Click Here

Digital Artifact Tracking:

Check out the MightyBell #DigiFoot12 Artifacts Project

You will need to register into MightyBell