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What is Digital Citizenship?

Today's Meet: What does digital citizenship mean to you?

Connections to Character Education

Suggested Activities to Connect to Character Education (Results)

Sharing Our Experiences

Use the digital sticky notes on the linoit page to share both your positive (green stickies) and negative (red stickies). Questions, comments, reflections, wishes, etc. can be shared using blue notes. You may share experiences that you participated in or that you have direct knowledge of in your class.
Please DO NOT share names of individuals (teachers/students/others) or schools in order to respect the privacy of those involved in the situations.
linoit: Digital Citizenship Experiences

Tracking Your Digital Footprint

Sheltered Spaces vs. The Open Net

  • Different jurisdictions have different rules in place but...
  • What do you think? Should students use "open" tools such as Twitter, Tumblr, etc. or work in "sheltered" spaces that are password protected, anonymous, etc?
  • What does it depend on?
  • Twitter Discussion: #digifoot12

Understanding the Policies that Affect Digital Citizenship at Your Schol

Student 2.0 - Appropriate use of Technology and Social Networking Policies

Task: Investigate the appropriate use of technology or social networking policies that apply in your situation as a student or teacher. As a teacher, you want to be sure that you know and understand them before asking your students to engage in certain online activities.

Share your thoughts (a few ideas listed below)
  • Please identify your perspective (student, teacher, administrator, parent, etc.)
  • How do you feel about the policies in place?
  • What limitations do they place on you (or your students)?
  • What would need to change in order to help you feel that you were providing or experiencing a more authentic learning opportunity?
  • Are there policies in place that actually promote social networking or the integration of technology into your classroom that would be worth sharing?
  • How do the policies impact authentic teaching and learning about your digital footprint?

Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship

If you have resources or teaching strategies that you have used in the past to help teach digital citizenship that you feel might be useful for course participants, please share them here.

Results: Shared Resources and Teaching Ideas

Guidelines, Rules or Advice for Digital Citizenship

What are the guidelines, rules or advice that you give in your classroom? Try and keep them short (i.e. Don't give your real name to strangers).
Student 2.0 - How do you demonstrate good digital citizenship?

Additional Digital Citizenship Resources