Case #4: Be a Search-Savvy DetectiveLead Detective: Tracy Poelzer, Kamloops, BC Canada

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Your Assignments for this week!
1. Go to the assignment wiki at:
Please print off the evaluation checklist. Work through at least one of the pairs of websites and decide which is reliable and which is not.
If you have time, evaluate more than one pair of websites.

2. Scroll down to the "Other Great Links to Investigate" section of this page. Try out some of the resources to help you hone your
search/investigation skills!

3. If you are an educator or parent, visit this Google Doc that lists resources for teaching search strategies. Check out some of the
resources listed in this document, and please add any that you can recommend as well!

Other Great Links to Investigate

Google Inside Search
Power Searching with Google
(free, online course)
Web Search Strategies in Plain English
(by the Common Craft Show)

Jeff Utecht's Google Ninja Program
(consider doing a search module with your students)
Highly Recommended Reading - Click on book image to link to Alan November's website
Highly Recommended Reading - Click on book image to link to Alan November's website

Links from the book at left.... from discussion forums on the November website.
November Learning Article:
Teaching Zack to Think
November Learning Article:
Web Literacy: Where Common Core Meets Common Sense
November Learning Article:
Why More Schools Aren't Teaching Web Literacy (and how they can start)

21 Things (for Students)
Some great search/critical thinking activities to try
How Google Search Works
Google Classroom Posters and Resources

Create a Google Custom Search