July 30-Aug 5, 2012 is Student Voices Week for #DigiFoot12. As such, we are promoting as many student voices as possible. These are the main events:

#stuvoice chat!
Led by: Zak Malamed @zakmal
Blackboard session 1: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
With David Preston and his students, Ian and Trevor.
Recording Link:__http://bit.ly/NzMUBL__
Preston Learning Link: http://www.prestonlearning.com/
Blackboard Session 2: Tuesday July 31, 2012
Lead Detective Session by Imtiaz Majeed
Blackboard Recording: http://bit.ly/NkN3r8

Blog: http://imtiazmajeed.wordpress.com/author/imtiazmajeed/
Student Voice Week Activities
How can you listen to the student/youth voices a little more in your world? What can you do to to open your ears to student or youth voices?

Look over the Resources on this Student Voices Page....
Then consider the following activities....

1. Google Search for some student blogs - comment directly on the blog.

2. Tweet about one of the blogs and add the blog’s link. Explain what you liked about the blog post in the tweet.

3. Search the MightyBell Student Voices Page. Comment on which artifact grabbed your attention and why. Send a personal tweet, email or blog comment to the student who most inspired you. Add any more links, blogs, videos or digital artifacts about students who inspire you.

Ideas for this school year: Write a blog post about what you "could" do to encourage student voices in your environment....

Are you a teacher? Offer an Inquiry Based Unit for your class....

Are you a librarian? Create an online survey to find out your school’s favourite authors and try to invite them into your school through skype. Have the students run the interview.

Are you an administrator? Have a staff meeting - include the students.

Are you a politician or involved in government? Support initiatives to include student voices online or face to face in educational reform.

Other ideas? Write them in your blog and tweet about them. Please include the link to your blog in your tweet and #digifoot12


A Serious Talk: Kids Demand Next Generation Learning

Youth Converts Culture - A Manifesto
-Digital Soldiers -

Youth Converts Culture Channel:

Youth Converts Culture in WKCD www.whatkidscando.org

Students as EducatorsDavid Preston and Students present: We are Superman


MightyBell Collection of Students Making a Difference


Great Blog by a future teacher and truly passionate person here:


Storify about why blogging brings out student voice: @dloitz Storify

Students Inspired by Social Media
Student Voices.com

Live Blackboard Discussion from FutureofEducation.com
Link here

MightyBell Links

A Conversation with Mimi Ito:

A Video on Mimi Ito's research:

Examples of students using social media for action....


Great video on "Listening" to our Students and Learning from them. From: TTT