Cyberbullying Week: Bill Belsey@Inukshuk or @Bullying_org

Recording of Blackboard Session: HERE
Copy of Slides:

Copy of Chat: HERE

Thanks to Peggy George for the pdf files
And here:

Cyberbullying Information Here:

Activities Week 6:
1. Look through the online resources above. Write a blog post about how you can make an influence to reduce cyberbullying opportunities in your learning environment.

2. Go to the MightyBell Cyberbullying Page. Add your blog to the page as a link, start a discussion, comment on a discussion, add a video or contribute to the MightyBell Page in some way.

3. Participate in Anti-Bullying Week November 12-17. Start the plan on how you will participate now. What will you do? Tell us about it.