A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course.To learn in this course you will need to connect and network with others in your own way.....

#DigiFoot12 is not an official MOOC. We are using free open online resources, and connectivist pedegogy to try and create a k-12 online course "option".

That means you are going to get out this course...what you put into it. Your learning will be dependent upon the spontaneous connections created by you as participants. Each week you will decide what you would like to learn - and how you are going to learn it.

Connected LEarner.jpg

The weekly "Lead" Detective will meet with all the participants in Blackboard to describe the weekly "case". They will create a lits of "possible" activities that participants can work on throughout the week. There will also be one activity that "needs" to be completed in order to attain a badge.

The "way" to learn is to start connecting with others. MightyBell will be used as a "Collection" of #DigiFoot12 Digital Artifacts. It is up to each participant to start exploring the participant links and content, making connections and networking.

How will that work? Through the creation of Personal Learning Networks (PLN's) that we connect together for the course through RSS and twitter feeds - and anything else that is suggested.

TEDtalk on Four Principles for the Open World

For this course, all participants under 18 years of age are asked to create a "username" for the duration of the course - like, "Funny Elf". Please do not use your real name in any online networking materials.

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The Blackboard Elluminate Session by Alec Couros in #Change11 MOOC - The inspiration behind this course.
Thank you for all your help Alec!

Options for MOOC support:
MOOCme Thank you to Steve Hargadon
COURSEsites Thank you to Sarah Bishop-Root
P2PUThanks Karen Fasimpaur
Peeragogy.orgThank you Jo Corneli and Howard Rheingold. If you want to help: